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Ilusion Leggings
  • $60.00
  • $50.00

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2-Piece Set with Mesh Ilusion Leggings and Crop Top
  • $60.00
Ilusion Leggings Black with Mesh Accents
  • $60.00
  • $50.00
Ilusion Leggings with Mesh
  • $60.00
  • $50.00



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Blue Crossed CL Bodysuit
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Sporty Spice Bodysuit
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Corpo Lindo Bodysuit
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Corpo Lindo Bodysuit
  • $100.00

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I love the fact that their clothing line is for all shapes and sizes. Just purchased the black and white illusion legging. Absolutely loved them. So sporty and comfortable. Went back and purchased 2 more!

M. Albert

I couldn’t be more inspired by someone who believes so deeply in self worth!! We need more ppl like the owner of this amazing apparel to inspire all women... And of course her bodysuits are truly amazing! The fit is so perfect!!


Corpo Lindo is created by beautiful, powerful, and kind women who provide inspiring clothes! I LOVE my bodysuit and I truly think they flatter everyone (: As a dancer, I highly recommend!

L. Boresow

Hi from Budapest! The illusion leggings with mesh detail are comfy & great quality. Strong side pockets rock.

D. D'arcy Delgado

Being curvy this sexy clothing line allows me to move comfortably whether I'm dancing or out for the evening. love love it! no squeezing or pinching, very classy and beautifully made with high end quality material.

D. Persaud

I have tried bodysuits a million times, and never find ones that hug my body in the right way. Either they are too big in areas I’m narrow, or too tight in the spots I hate. Have tried various fabrics, cuts, etc. and the best I’ve done is “ok”. Have 2 Corpo Lindo bodysuits in totally different fabrics and prints and both are freaking perfect!!! Suck me in at the right places, don’t move, and are super comfy. Seriously obsessed with these and can’t wait to order more.

A. Nemser