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 My love for dancing came from my parents, who would spend their days off playing salsa from the 50's. The sound would fill our patio, as my siblings and I would do our chores and my mother would cook our dinner. Smells of arroz con gandules y pollo guisado would fill my nose as the sounds of African congas and horns would tickle my ears. Dance soon became a part of my identity, and as I aged, I would dance all alone in my room. Too afraid to put myself out there, believing that I did not "look" the way a professional dancer should look. Regardless of my fears, my love for dance never faded. 

About 8 years ago, I was introduced to the salsa scene. I hadn't really stepped out of my comfort zone before, and admittedly it was terrifying! I was blessed to have been taken into a community that displays so much diversity and inclusivity - especially in cities like Atlanta and Orlando! I met dancers of all shapes and sizes - and of varying ethnic identities. I was invited to the Capital Congress, and I couldn't believe how much I loved it! Capital Congress to this day is one of my favorite events, they have the best of the best dancers, line-ups, and music! (go check them out) 

One of the best parts of dancing at congresses is socializing and sharing your love for this craft. I remember we would spend all day learning from prestigious dance teachers, hopping around from class to class, and stealing cool moves we saw the pro's do! Congresses also provide the perfect opportunity to restock on dance wear, which would be easy....unless you are a size 22 like me. Unfortunately, a lot of what our current dance-wear industry leaders lead with, is a “one size” fits all option - and that just isn’t true. 

Thus, Corpo Lindo was born. I wanted to tackle the issue at hand: creating more sizing options outside of the basic “one size fits all” spiel and highlight dancers who come from different backgrounds (both physically and culturally). I got together a team of artists, dancers, designers, seamstress, and business leaders and got to work on my dance-wear resolutions. After vetting many people - It was in 2017 when my business partner, Natyelli, and I bonded over this disparity. Later that year, she was brought on as a designer at Corpo Lindo.

 I wanted someone like me, to walk up to my booth and be able to try on clothing and feel inspired by our mantra to be who they are despite what the world tells them to be. 

Empowered Women Empower Women. 

Welcome to the Clique 



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